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Cold Starters

• Fresh Garden Salad |mixed greens, fresh tomatoes, onion,
  tuna egg, olives|
• Salad l'ARGADA |mixed greens, fresh tomatoes, onion,
• Goat cheese & caramelized figs salad and an ice cream
  scoop of rosemary
• Marinate Cod fish with extra virgin oil and fresh tomatoes coulis
• Roasted vegetables medley |onions, red peppers and
• Beef Carpaccio with parmesan cheese shavings
• Cod Carpaccio drizzled with extra virgin olive oil 
• Plate of pates : duck , campagne and herbs
• Plate of Iberian cured sausages : cured ham, chorizo,
• Spanish Cheese plate : Manchego hard, semi and tender
• Hand cut Iberian cured delicious ham
• Juniper cured suamon
• Local anchovies in extra virgin oil
• Foie mi-cuit with apple cream pure


Hot Starters

• Onion soup with freshly grated parmesan cheese
• Homemade crispy chiken nuggets
• Meat cannelloni with bechamel sauce
• Baked macaroni with bolognesa sauce
• Sweet grilled peppers stuffed with baked salt cod fish
• Grilled seasonal vegetables |zucchini, auvergines,
  red peppers, artichoke , corn|
• Grilled green aspargus dressed with Romesco sauce
• Roasted vegetables with hot goat cheese
• Melted Provolone cheese terrine with a touch of oregano
• Grilled prawns and green asparagus
• Roasted snails with garlic "alioli" sauce
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